[Live Draw Result] Thai Lottery Result Today 16th March 2019

Take a look at Thai Lotto End result, We refresh End result First. Currently Thailand Lottery End result sixteenth March 2019 will seemingly be declared. Here’s a Thailand lottery outcomes coming scheme fortunate victor sixteenth March 2019. You look our Closing Thai Pointers Papers and Reduce 3up Pointers. Need you excellent success and extremely Congratulation who WIN this Lottery End result. While you don’t suggestions hold into tale, The Authorities Lottery Region of enterprise will scheme the lottery on this day ahead of expected at eleven:45 AM. Here’s due to of refresh will demonstrating our space inside 5 minutes. You can be in a voice to likewise Be part of Our Google Community or Thai Lottery Fb Page For Most up-to-date Updates get Dialogue From Other Lottery Consultants.

Thai Lotto End result Diagram Formula 2019 

Ten “guests” unaffiliated with the lottery trail to every attracting to trail about as official observers. Illustrations are held at GLO Headquarters on the first and sixteenth of regularly. Must each and each of these dates drop on a vacation, the appeal to is build off to the next day. All illustrations are broadcast from 15:00 to Sixteen:00 on the Day of the Diagram. The accompanying intention is adopted:[Hyperlink]

[Live Draw Result] Thai Lottery End result As of late sixteenth March 2019

Diagram Chairman haphazardly chooses a dusky ball to settle the inquire of lesser prize attracts. 4 dusky balls imply distinctive prizes:

  1. Yellow Ball is for second prize
  2. Purple for zero.33 prize
  3. Inexperienced for the fourth prize
  4. Blue for the fifth prize.

Six-digit numbers are drawn for the second, zero.33, fourth, and fifth prizes. All out attracts 160 five.

Three-digit numbers are drawn for the three-digit prize. All out attracts 4.

A two-digit number is drawn for the two-digit prize. All out attracts one.

A six-digit number is drawn for the first prize. All out attracts one. Likewise reported are the ±1 unheard of prize numbers.

Diagram a two-digit number for the Thai Authorities Lottery reward prize of 30 million baht*.

Diagram a two-digit number for the Thai Charity Lottery reward prize of twenty-two million baht*.

Following the final three attracts, authorities expel balls from machines to display hide that every of the ten numbers had been on hand.

Thai Lottery End result


[Live Draw Result] Thai Lottery End result As of late sixteenth March 2019

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